Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Can Implantation Bleeding Stop And Start Again

The shadow of love with women and other complications

Today is the day on which exalts the feminine, in which they remember as they are beautiful, important, radiant, vital, happy, rich life, worthy of rights, companions, mothers, daughters, friends, sisters, lovers, grandmothers, all women.
Today is the day in which I will respond to a visceral impulse to write how complicated being a woman, driven by demand and enhance not only our lights but also the billions of shades of gray through which we express our feelings, veering dangerously close to the blackest dark and deep, on some occasions.
Maybe because I was always struck as a child, the narrative that equates the birth of this "party" with death of hundreds of workers who fought for their rights, or perhaps because I'm reading a book very difficult to digest, a pulp sociological indelibly stained by the blood of wounds from the effects of which no reader can be free (" King Kong girl " by Virginie Despentes) , which opens with these cruel words:
" write on the side of ugly, ugly for the old, the trucks, frigid, the bad end, inscopabili, the hysterical, the calibrated, all excluded from the great market of the beautiful woman . "
today I borrow these sharp words, to be able to address all our parties, all aspects of women living in us, because, as I wrote elsewhere , we are far from being just one, but around the world in some ways prefer not to see them, judge them or cancel them .. and sometimes we with him.
I always reverence for those women who find the courage to show the world also so controversial and painful aspects of themselves, those who dare to challenge the taboos of silent and not said, recounting episodes of his life, or imagining stories where the protagonists are anti-heroines, characters awkward and difficult, cumbersome women, odious, perverse, losers, "bad."
some of you might be offended, but we must tell you that all these terrible women are inevitably part and parcel of each unconscious.
Behind the one who is too good laughs in the shade the other side of the coin, treacherous and vindictive, behind the one who does everything to be beautiful, handsome, charming, hiding the ugly that you will not hear ever the height of pleasure behind the "holy", lust in the dark "whore" ... darkness of our unconscious there is what Jung called the shadow aspect, the archetype that embodies all the features (which are part of the repertoire of behaviors of the human soul), but who have been convicted, removed, split off and relegated out of consciousness.
is difficult to speak of all this, because we are always ready and alert to the internal censor warns us and do keep their distance from what is considered "inconvenient" "scandalous" unacceptable. " These statements may arouse indignation and resentment, and I understand and accept, because it happened to me long ago.
We are never prepared to recognize, much less to integrate, so our parts on two feet uncomfortable.
Luckily, it was thanks to shake those who are disobedient brat been able to evolve and be acknowledged equal dignity with men.
Had it not been for the feminists who were screaming their sexual freedom on the streets, at the risk of being deemed unscrupulous and despicable, would not be here, free to choose a partner for one night for an hour or a whole life, or even not to choose.
Had it not been for and against the rebellious part of some, were still at the same position of subordination or nailed in roles from "good girl" without needs and desires.
A friend wrote a post yesterday about the meaning of pink (you can find here ), while I already entrenched behind these damn lines and revolutionary, and his words helped me.
Pink is the color of unconsciousness, part of our naive not knowing the world and has no experience. That's because the girls really like pink: representations, pampers, softens, refers to feelings muffled and not dangerous. It is also one of the reasons why it is more comforting, by males, associated with the world female: the woman who has too much familiarity with black and with gray might be a witch! ;-)
is why often in adolescence comes that irresistible attraction to the color of the night, you begin to know, you want to emancipate, you are attracted to the forbidden, the unknown, the risk and pain, because through to them is experienced and we grow.
But a woman who knows, who has made his experiences, that can not be overcome is a danger and therefore is prevented and fought, and not all have the tenacity to persevere in this path, some succumb and others give up , the third of forgiveness ... relegating the energies that gave birth to this awakening, in the deepest depths of themselves, denying nuances and identifying with stereotypical models.
Today I want to celebrate instead of just those sub-personalities imprisoned, chained, doomed to hell. But it is not an incitement to rebellion. You are invited to visit him, to see and recognize, forgive, if needed.
In some stories, cartoons or movies, we are witnessing the struggle of good against evil: the good guys always win in the end the bad. Reinterpreting this fight, which is nothing but the symbolization of the perennial conflict that we carry inside, in the course of our lives, I would say that the essential element is the very face the shadow side, that makes us more afraid, because it can be overcome only by recognizing and incorporating into our personality, making it more acceptable and sweetened instincts more complicated. This is the payoff: the inclusion, not elimination.
should get out of the perverse logic of the authority - either / or, black or white, light or dark, because they serve both.
should try a summary. Venturing into the gray.
" because the ideal white woman, seductive but not a bitch, but marry well not canceled, but that works without being able too, not to crush his man, lean but not addicted to the diet, which is young for an indefinite period without being disfigured by cosmetic surgeons, but not totally absorbed mother made from diapers and homework , good hostess, but not traditional home, but less than a cultured man, this white woman, happy that we are constantly brandishing under his nose, one to which we should strive to look like, apart from the fact that the air to break the boxes for a while, anyway I never met her anywhere. I believe that there "says Despentes.
I actually think there is, as long as we replace all those " but ... with many " also " (and even seductive whore, marry well, and sometimes even erased, that successful work, but no, he decides that it does not need to crush his man , thin and addicted to the diet at one time or fat and addicted to food in another ...) then provided that include rather than separate, because I am convinced that behind the outrageous and angry Despentes hides a sweet, naive and demure girl.

Happy March 8 at all, any woman choose to be today.


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